Pascals Pizza Goes Gluten Free

Pascals Pizza Goes Gluten Free

More and more pizza places are becoming gluten free. Pascals Pizza in St. John has also jumped on the bandwagon. There hasn’t been a pizza that I haven’t liked, so it was time to try it!

Pascals has one size pizza, a 10 inch pie, but that is more than enough to feed one. It is a very thin crust but very good and the pizza was not over or under cooked. I loved the sauce as it was filled with flavor and still not overly done with sweetness or any type of ingredient. Plus, the crust-sauce ratio was perfect! (I hate a pizza that is overly saucy and has it dripping down the side and or feels like I am just eating sauce.) My pizza toppings are sausage and mushroom. Don’t be adding anything else on there….just give me mushrooms, sausage and more mushrooms. However, sausage tasted great and was by no means grizzly. The chucks were a little big, but I am not complaining! :)

When I picked up the pizza, I asked how they know and how they can guarantee that a gluten free pizza is gluten free. As I was waiting, I saw that the pizza makers did not have gloves on (or at least the one that was making the pizzas when I was there) and only saw one area where the pizzas were made. Pascals does not only serve pizza, but sandwiches as well, so bread is everywhere.

I was informed that the gluten free crusts come to them frozen, so the dough is not made at Pascals and kept in the freezer away from anything that could contain wheat. Also, Pascals has special pans that the gluten free pizza is made on and also kept away from the other pizza pans and even cooked in a separate oven. These pizzas are made in a separate area all together. How great is that?!

Everything that is gluten free is marked and employees know that everything that is labeled “gluten free” and kept in the gluten free area is only for the gluten free pizza. They ever have sauce “reserved” for gluten free pizzas as not to contaminate the ladle with wheat from the regular crusts. How wonderful is that.

Pascals takes care of their gluten sensitive guests. It is nice to know that going to a local pizza place, you do not have to worry about an allergy. They were more than accommodating and willing to share their procedures with me for protecting their gluten sensitive friends.

And don’t worry…. There is no filler in the sausage to make that not gluten free! Trust me, I asked and still alive after eating it! :)

For a gluten free pizza with two toppings, it was $14.50. That is comparable to othe gluten free pizzas at that size.



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