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    Mishkenut is Nuttin’ but the Best

    I’ll admit it. I am on a Mediterranean food kick lately. But, who’s complaining? It is gluten free and tastes SO good. Finding the little Mom and Pop Shops are the best since everyone there knows exactly what is in their food as it is all homemade. That is exactly what I found when I […]

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    Trading Tacos at Taco Trader

    When it comes to Mexican Food, I am no stranger and not afraid to try anything from South of the Boarder (okay…. Just don’t give me anything that came OUT of the water…). Everyone kept talking about this Taco Trader out in Dyer, Indiana. It had tacos in the title. I kinda had to go. […]

  • 20140621-195933-71973478.jpg

    Curry up! I wanna go to Five Star Thai!

    Confession. I love Thai food. I know it is not a traditional food or very common in “the 219,” but it is my favorite type of food and I love trying everything Thai. Good thing I made friends at Five Star Thai located in the Pine Island Plaza in Crown Point. So I sit down […]

  • 20140620-181352-65632817.jpg

    Miller Bakery Bakes for You!

    I am one of those people who have to go out to lunch a lot. It is hard to know if a place is gluten free before you get there unless you call ahead. With my crazy day, that is not always possible. What is great are the wonderful people at Miller Bakery Café in […]


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